And let’s all unite to Save the Books! Are you in?
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  • Save the books! Here here! I’m happy to say my bookshelf is packed FULL of books. The shelves look great!
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  • Hilarious post, and so true. Save our books! Also, you and your friends have excellent taste in books

Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need


Yes! Save the books! As a writer, I have wayyyyy too many books for my own good and they all have to be in my office since at any moment I may want to reference that fantasy book I read when I was 13, right? Right?
I love all your tips (and use them) except the color-coding. When you read speculative fiction and buy mostly paperback, one spine can have such a variety of colors that it’s pretty much pointless. I try to organize by subgenres instead. But then…that’s because I’m an addict and own so many sci-fi/fantasy books that they CAN be broken down by subgenre…

I cringe when I see bookcases with no books. I love the pretty as much as the next person, but they are BOOKcases, hence they require books to be in them. We also have a ton of books and I converted an formal dining room into a library and love the look, makes me feel instantly calmer when I walk in. Save the Books!!!!


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