• Thoughtful excerpt by SC Stephens
  • Reckless by SC Stephens -- Thoughtless book 3
  • LMAO! Reference to a Kellan Kyle scene from the thoughtless book series by SC Stephens
  • Reckless by SC Stephens (picture from Jelena's book blog).

Furious Rush


We’ve been asked by readers if this book is merely a rehash?” Our answer is , it most certainly didn’t feel that way to us at all. Sure, parts of dialogue are carried through from Thoughtless but they are brought about in a new light making them feel very new and different in Thoughtful. SC Stephens has also explored and expanded scenes and delved into the dynamics of Kellan’s other relationships besides his and Kiera’s making Thoughtful such an enlightening experience.

The relationship between Denny and Kellan is also one which SC Stephens took to another level in Thoughtful. This time around we really felt the brotherhood between these two men, making the utter betrayal and hurt Kiera and Kellan caused Denny all the more painful to experience.


Thoughtless, Effortless & Reckless By: SC Stephens.

To fully explore how children see clothing, the gallery invited students form the Children’s School at Stephens College to explore the exhibit and write and draw about what the clothing said to them. Their stories and drawings will be an essential component of the exhibit.