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School Years: A Family Keepsake of School Memories


Make your school memories photo book unique by adding your own title and including sentiments throughout. Add a favorite photo on the cover. Then, smile: your child may be growing up, but you can keep your favorite memories alive forever with this personalized memento.

As your children get older and move toward graduation, they will have so much fun flipping through their school memories keepsake books. When it’s finally graduation time, celebrate the big day with personalized from Shutterfly. Share your graduate’s joy and success with loved ones, friends, teachers and neighbors with Shutterfly’s custom graduation announcements. Whether it’s a kindergarten graduation or college graduation, make sure you announce it in style. Choose from various styles, designs and layouts to truly make them unique.


School Days Memory Book - School Memory Book - Walter Drake

I have provided you with four different printables to use when making this school memory book with your child at home. Here they are with a brief description: