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The Atlantis Gene: A Thriller (The Origin Mystery, Book 1)


No book better epitomizes the post-heroic tone of sci-fi than Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. As the name indicates, a certain louche bohemianism permeates its pages. This is star-hopping on the cheap, pursued by those aiming not to conquer the universe, but merely sample its richeson fewer than thirty Altairian dollars per day. You can trace the lineage of many later science fictions books, with their hip and irreverent tone, back to this influential and much beloved predecessor.

Many science fiction books from the past have not lasted into the future that they attempted to predict. Through the pages of time, these books have faded away and been reduced to dust in the bins of resale book shops. Singularity&Co. seeks to republish and digitize these old forgotten books for the people of the future (us). Members of the website will vote each month on a great science fiction from years past and the book with the most votes will be republished, epublished and available for members (with permission from authors, if they’re still around).


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is a traditional producer of science fiction and fantasy. The country's most influential science fiction writer of all time is , who is probably best known for his science fiction books, such as and the stories involving , but who also wrote very successful hard sci-fi such as and the stories involving . A number of Lem's books were adapted for screen, both in Poland and abroad. Other notable Polish writers of the genre include , , , and .