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Guided Science Readers Parent Pack: Level D: 16 Fun Nonfiction Books That Are Just Right for New Readers


The Great Explorers and Readers (GEAR) Science Literacy Program strives to improve science literacy, content knowledge, pedagogy and confidence with science for teachers, administrators and early educators. The program works to provide opportunities for families and their children to learn, play and communicate about science. The overall goal is to improve student success in science literacy and close science and language achievement gaps for children up to eight years old. Major activities include GEAR Science Literacy Content & Pedagogy Workshops for administrators and teachers. Children’s author, Jerry Pallotta, visited Holyoke schools to spark interest in science and reading, and science-related literature w woven throughout the grant. Students will explore and create science resources based on MA curriculum standards and practice research-based teaching approaches.

So! Remember: I used a combination of all four of these books, and rotated them in and out so that the children would get the best of all of the worlds in the classroom with me. Never once did we get a chance to read ALL of the books from one of the book sets.
1. I started with the Reading Reading books, just letting the children get used to tracking the print with their fingers, and finding words vs. letters and finding concepts of print.
2. Then I switched to the Dick and Jane series as soon as we learned just a few sight words.
3. Then, I switched to the Bob Books to work on sounding out the CVC words along with a few sight words.
4. After that, I alternated with the Guided Science Readers for Non-Fiction print and the Reading Reading books for Sight Words print.


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Science Reader (DAY & NIGHT) titled: What Do You See In The Sky? Perfect for Young Readers (KINDERGARTEN & FIRST) Includes: black & white plus colored versions. (10 pgs) $