• Scott Grenke
  • Directed and Written by Scott GrenkeDirector of Photography by Ron RehanaGaffer - Barry McLaughlinSound - Natalie Brown
  • Chris Carpenter said,
  • Director: Scott Grenke

Spaced Out

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Through Jones Intercable, West Chicago resident Scott Grenke has gained plenty of exposure as producer of pieces for his community`s public access Channel 37 that critics have called ``the dark side of access.``

The classic family Christmas poem by Phyllis McGinley, comes to life in this twelve minute video. Narrated by veteran Chicago radio personality, Rich Renik, and edited by Chicago independent filmmaker, Scott Grenke.


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Producida por Matthew Feeney, Peter Cordova, Brad Leo Lyon, J.T. Smith, Robert Foreman, James Vallo, Aaron Eickhorst, Kevin Tiller, Ben Tackett, Ivo Tomas, Scott Grenke, Jon Shaivitz, Jeanine Hill, Josiah Lipscomb, Z.D. Smith y Lee Elmergreen.