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The Little Seagull Handbook with Exercises (Second Edition)


Textbooks can be the second most expensive part of going to university next to the tuition fees. If you are a student, you might be shocked to learn that some new textbooks can cost you above SGD$100! Instead of buying brand new textbooks, consider buying secondhand ones that cost a fraction of the price. Here are some of my recommended sites that that sell secondhand textbooks in Singapore.

has got to be the most popular site to buy secondhand textbooks. If you cannot find a textbook here, it is highly unlikely that you’ll find one in any of the other sites below (though there have been exceptions). Since the site has a very large user base, prices for secondhand textbooks have grown to be increasingly competitive. For example, I once managed to get a pristine condition secondhand Thomas’ Calculus 11th Ed. for $10 when new ones can cost up to $100+!


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