• The book describes his seductions of young women.
  • Who was the girl for whom you were exercising your arts of seduction down there, you lady-killer?
  • The profane temples are destroyed, the pulpits of seduction are cast down.
  • Comedy deals largely with love and seduction; tragedy with exile and bloodshed.

Seductive, yes; but nothing of Delilah in her or in that music.

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Put Your Dancing Foot ForwardDancing is probably the most sensuous exercise and it gives a great warm up before the actual game. So put on the best dancing number you can think of and both of you can relate to. Then start with a dance, solo first, and make it seductive and inviting enough so that your partner joins in. Then end it up with some fast paced steps and then slow dancing which will include lot of pecking and occasional touching.

EleganceElegance is the key to success in this game. So make all kind of subtle moves but don’t forget to maintain certain elegance in whatever you do. You can be a sensuous seductress but that doesn’t mean you have to lose the poise which you have. In fact, the poise in a woman is what most men find attractive. Along with seducing your man, also play hard to get, else the game is no fun.


Seduction Series: 160 most seducing pictures of Ashley Emma

Are you tired of chasing the opposite sex? Do you want to turn the tables and have them chasing you instead? With a little practice, it's easy to master the art of seduction. A little confidence and playfulness may be all it takes.