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Semi Homemade Sriracha and Ranch Marinara Dipping Sauce | Create delicious dipping sauces starting with your favorite store bought sauce. The Sriracha sauce has just the right amount of heat while the Ranch sauce is a little salty. Serve up three sauces by adding a dish of plain sauce and you have yourself a nice dip station. Bread sticks and mozzarella sticks are great for dipping and perfect for hungry game watchers.

Bottom line is that I think it is perfectly fine to start with store-bought ingredients. You can make a pretty kick-butt coleslaw dressing with a little creativity and a few spices from the pantry. My concoction changes just about every time I make coleslaw and I keep telling myself I am going to write it down one day. Well, today wasn't that day, but I know what I put in there, just not how much. That's ok, you can do it by taste and be even more creative. Let's take a look at how I improved that store bought dressing to make some delicious semi homemade coleslaw.


Semi Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe - Sweet C's

Semi Homemade Checkerboard Rolls | Tender tasty rolls. Some of the rolls have been rolled in seeds, minced onions while the other half of the rolls are rolled in corn meal and Romano cheese. Now that’s a tasty roll!