And that, as the celebrating paesani say, is where SergioBruni comes in.
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  • 1961: I grandi successi di Sergio Bruni
  • Sergio Bruni con Tullio De Piscopo 1992 a rumba de scugnizz
  • Sergio Bruni soprannominato ‘A voce ‘e Napule, nella foto con Claudio Villa.



Carmela il piu' grande successo in veste di cantautore di Sergio Bruni questo brano e' ormai considerato a pieno diritto un classico della canzone napoletana In ...

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Turturro’s own on-camera appearances, explaining it all for us like a good host should, also aren’t strictly necessary. But Marco Pontecorvo’s ripe cinematography makes up for a lot, and when all else fails, the director just fills the balconies and piazzas with dancing Italian beauties. He reaches back to the past, too, with televised performance clips of greats like Sergio Bruni and newsreel footage of Naples at its postwar ebb, when song was almost all that anybody had left.