• for %i in (*) do set LIST= %i
  • Type SET without parameters to display the current environment variables.
  • Displaying the current environment settings
  • Are all sets that I just randomly banged on my keyboard to produce.

Mud Pie 4211000 "I Do" Wedding Cake Server Set

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SET is a speed game. The first to see a SET, calls out ‘SET’ and picks up the three cards that make the SET. There are no turns and no luck. Race to find as many SETs as fast as you can. Be the one who has the most SETs when the cards are gone, and you win! SET is a game of fast-thinking fun!

SET builds cognitive, logical and spatial reasoning skills as well as visual perception skills while playing a game! Because it has a rule of logic (three cards that are all the same or all different in each individual feature), and because players must apply this rule to the spatial array of patterns all at once, they must use both left brain and right brain thought processes. This fun game actually exercises your brain!


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