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Walking On: A Daughter's Journey with Legendary Sheriff Buford Pusser


Bivins says FBI documents support her claims. Documents she provided to us show that a source told the FBI "White has a fix with the new sheriff at Selmer, Tennessee."

That new sheriff was Buford Pusser.

Bivins also claims Pusser murdered club owner Louise Hatchcock. She says this autopsy shows Hatchcock was shot by Pusser in the back.

"I think Louise Hatchcock was murdered. It's quite simple," continues Bivins.

McNairy County Sheriff Buford Pusser is remembered as a hero who cleaned up corruption in the 1960s.

But a variety of sources, including FBI documents, suggest there may have been more to the story.


Life Death Legacy of Sheriff Buford Pusser

I would like to thank the staff for a wonderful experience with our trip to the Sheriff Buford Pusser Museum. My wife and I were quite...