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Things didn’t stop there for Halpern. CBS developed a sitcom based on @ShitMyDadSays starring William Shatner, which aired from 2010-2011 and won the People’s Choice Award for Best New Comedy. Today @ShitMyDadSays has amassed over 2.5 million followers. Not too shabby for a jab at dad.

The stories (or memories, if you prefer) are split for easy reading, so you can either read everything in one sitting or in smaller chunks. Each chapter has its own quotes section at the end, which is where you’ll find a lot of the material from Justin’s @shitmydadsays Twitter account. I liked this organization method, because the bite-sized quotes were funny transitions. The stories are relatable and hilarious, too. I can’t remember the last time I laughed this much while reading.


It was based on the Twitter account @shitmydadsays

According to , creator of the ShitMyDadSays Twitter account and former Danzig neighbor, there was an incident a while back regarding the pile of bricks. Another of Glenn's neighbors had been feuding with him about moving the pile, complaining that it was bringing down the neighborhood's property value, but Mr. Danzig was adamant -- and lazy -- enough to refuse. This eventually culminated in the musician heading out to his yard and tossing all of his bricks into a dumpster while yelling (this is allegedly a direct quote), "HERE I AM, MOTHERFUCKER, JUST CLEANING UP MY MOTHERFUCKING BRICKS, BITCH." We assume he added a "WHOOOOOOOOOOA" for flair.