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  • Not until they get to be collegians, whispered Neale shrilly from behind his hand.
  • Dont you be so interferin with the Hawkes family, cried Rosina shrilly.
  • But to-day he whistled falsely and shrilly between his teeth.

Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman


In fact, Shrill focuses primarily on West's experiences speaking up for the unpopular opinion, in what West calls her "culture wars." That is, the struggles against society that have defined her life and career: standing up for the fact that rape jokes often wrongly mock sexual assault survivors, learning to embrace her body, and meeting her troll. The victories were far from easy, but West believes these showdowns only made her stronger.

Shrill was originally only meant to be the book's working title, but "it just always felt right," West says. Not only is it a sexist term, used nearly exclusively to insult opinionated women—West notes "the way that people talk about Hillary Clinton" as an example—but it's a trait West wants to cultivate.


That’s why they call her Shrillary.

Speaking of talking…almost nightly I have a (different) dream about a baby expressing her needs to me verbally. Hmm…what do you suppose that means? She’s crying more and more everyday and it kills me that I don’t know how to soothe her. She has one particularly shrill cry she works up to that just breaks my heart.