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Silent Hill

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The third installment in the series follows a teenaged girl named as she becomes caught in a conflict within Silent Hill's cult and discovers her true origin. It was released in May 2003 for the PlayStation 2, with a port to Microsoft Windows released in October of the same year. is a direct sequel to the first installment in the series.

The second installment in the series follows as he searches for his deceased wife in Silent Hill after having received a letter from her informing him that she is waiting for him there. After searching in and exploring the mysterious town, he ultimately realizes her death's true nature. It was released in September 2001 for the . An extended version of the game was released for the in December of the same year as in North America and in Europe, and for the PlayStation 2 in 2002 as , with a of to released in December 2002.


Silent Hill is mostly paralyzing in its vagueness.

Um novo game da série de terror "Silent Hill" estava sendo produzido por Hideo Kojima, criador da franquia "Metal Gear Solid", e pelo cineasta Guillermo del Toro ("Círculo de Fogo", "Labirinto do Fauno"). O ator Norman Reedus, o Daryl Dixon da série de TV "The Walking Dead", interpreta um dos personagens.