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  • Remember that even slipping down on a banana peel is a good deal of a skin game.
  • Do ye suppose he's goin' to sit down and twiddle his thumbs with that skin game played on him?
  • If I ever want to work any skin game I'll go out of the place where all my friends are.

Skin Game: A Novel of the Dresden Files


In the past, golfers had multiple different terms for this game that were popular regionally, such as cats, scats, skats and syndicates. Those alternate names are rare today; a professional Skins Game (more on that below) made "skins game" and "skins" the universally accepted terms for this game and its stakes.

Skins games are often more dramatic than standard because holes are not . When players tie on a given hole, the value of that hole is carried over and added to the value of the following hole.


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CONCLUSION: Epic, simply epic is the adjective I would use to describe Skin Game, the fifteenth volume was a bit delayed but fans can rejoice as the book more than makes up for the wait. Jim Butcher is back, boys and girls and Skin Game will have you rejoicing and gallivanting like none other. Also if you were wondering why the word "Parkour" was mentioned in my review, that's another thing you'll have to wait until the 27th to find out.