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Ampad 20-208 Evidence 3" x 5" Narrow Perforated Writing Pads - White (12 Pads of 50 Sheets Each)


The is one of Samsung’s best phones ever, but it’s not perfect. While it has tons to offer and is their most capable phone to date, some users have already started reporting various small Galaxy Note 7 problems, or issues with odd settings out of the box. With that in mind here we’ll be explaining a few potential Note 7 problems and how to fix them.

Spice up your note taking with some of our amazingly beautiful Small notepads! Grab some for your home, your office, or your classroom. Our Small notepads come in two different sizes: 5.5” x 6” and 8.5” x 11”. Every sheet on these Small notepads is printed with the design you choose! Get the size you want, and the design you want, right here on Zazzle.


Small Personalized Note Pads 3850 At Print EZ.

The origin and nature of these kinds of currency will be considered below. Although the color of the seals and serial numbers on Gold Certificates was yellow, here orange is used for greater contrast. The reverse of large note Gold Certificates had actually orange, "goldbacks" as opposed to "greenbacks"; but small note Gold Certificates were made "greenbacks" also. (That was reversed with series 1934 Gold Certificates, which again had orange reverses, but those notes never circulated to the public).