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  • MAMAS WORDS:Heidiso be itgood`noblue teasoofout hot bad done shhuh-ohback soonhellodettegoowmoreagainprettynowkiss
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So B. It


has two meanings and uses for expressing effect: (1) a connector followed by a clause expressing a result; (2) an intensifier for some remarkable situation or condition followed by +clause expressing the effect.

Heidi's mama's word is what first sparks Heidi's curiosity about her own past. She suspects the word is tied to a memory of her mama's. She tries to find answers, but her mama can't help her, and she begins to feel haunted by the word. One might say she hears so often because it is her primary motivation for traveling to Liberty to try to answer the mysteries of her life.


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Oh, I see. Those greasers are here to endanger that young lady. And the husky, sweat panted dude is going to do something about it. And that something is participate in the most ridiculously choreographed fight scene I’ve seen since . Yes, husky sweat pants actually does spin around with the guy on his shoulders.