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Some Other Lives


A universal constructor can even be built. This is a pattern that can take a blueprint for some other Life pattern (or its own) and build that pattern. No one has built this yet, since it would be very large, but it has been shown to be possible. This means that Life patterns could exist that reproduce themselves. They could even modify their blueprints just as living things combine and mutate their genes. Who can say what would develop in a large enough universe of reproducing Life patterns?

Ask most people across the world and they will tell you that they believe in the possibility of life on another planet and they will generally clarify themselves so as not to appear as a “crackpot” that the life on other planets does not have to be “aliens.” There are others who will openly admit to a belief in alien life forms and they will even share with you stories of alien abduction. While everyone’s understanding of life outside Earth varies nine out of every ten people will admit to believing in some other life force outside of our planet. For many people this belief tends to stem from science fiction but for others this belief in alien life forms comes from a desperate hope that humans cannot possibly be the most intelligent life form in the universe. Pointing to the signs of destruction all over the planet and pointing out how quickly the human race is destroying the one and only planet they can survive on to date, people tend to panic. How can the most intelligent life force in the universe be destroying the one planet which is able to sustain it? For this reason many people believe that there must be a more intelligent life force across the universe somewhere. So what do you think? Is there life on other planets?


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