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Soul Plane

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Last night, the jaw dropping and stupid "Soul Plane" came on BET and I must say...I hate this film even more!!! I felt really embarrassed for some of the talented actors and comics involved in this film who had to play stereotypical, offensive, and awful roles.

The special effects were sort of impressive considering how bad the movie was and I did laugh like 2 times. But overrall, wtf were they thinking when they made this movie?!?! Is this supposed to be the black answer to "Airplane"?

The only entertaining elements about this movie were the scenes with Snoop Dogg, MoNique, and Kevin Hart. Other than that, this is probably the worst black movie to come out this decade.

Really, really, BAD!!!

Watch the Soul Plane video below in all its glory and check out the lyrics section if you like to learn the words or just want to sing along.


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- 'Tom Arnold (I)' (qv) tells everybody that notices his daughter yelling in the airport that they were "punked". Arnold helped out in a "punking" on the first season of the show _"Punk'd" (2003)_ (qv). 'Ryan Pinkston' (qv), who plays Billy Hunkee on Soul Plane, is a regular field agent on _"Punk'd" (2003)_ (qv), as well.