• Anonymous access in SQL RS 2008 – RS and NS
  • any body slove the Anonymous access +SQL RS 2008 R2 . i am stuck . please help me
  • Dia 24/9 acontecerá o quinto encontro do SQL Server RS nas dependências da  (Avenida Rio Branco, 105, Rio Branco – Caxias do Sul – RS).
  • Contamos com a presença confirmada de todos e com a parceria de sempre.Vamos lotar mais um encontro do SQL Server RS.

PROC SQL: Beyond the Basics Using SAS


Microsoft recommends dedicated SQL clusters for the DBs. If whar you are trying to achive is a common backend SQL for your SC 2012 DBs; check this great post by Cameron Fuller: – it should give you some pointers. Check out the SCOM 2012 sizing helper as well! It all really depends on your environment…

Well Wilson W.,
you are not 100% correct about SQL cluster and ssrs.
i’m currently running scom 2012 databases in SQL cluster and SCOM RS installed on different SQL RS intance.


Be sure the Field Name and Form Number matches

The JDBC API supports this SQL feature by providing the name of the SQL cursor used by a object. The current row of a object is also the current row of this SQL cursor.