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The other aspect of using the app that was troublesome was how obvious it now is that the StarTribune — like most daily newspapers around the country — reprint articles from major dailies like the New York Times, Washington Post, LATimes and also from the major newswires like the Associated Press and Reuters. Unfortunately for the StarTribune, there are so many apps with which we can access these same stories, that it makes StarTribune reprinted ones far too obvious and redundant. (For more on this problem and others in the newspaper business, see my personal blog post, ““).

One startling and glaring omission is the lack of social sharing, especially if the StarTribune truly cares to go after those non-newspaper readers mentioned above. While most smartphone and tablet news apps enable the reader to send an article via email or to Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms, StarTribune has only enabled email. This makes the app significantly less useful for anyone using social media technologies.


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Although I do still question the timing of this piece, centered around Boston DOJ. Minnesota’s StarTribune’s Carlson’s previously reported on medical device executives manipulating the First Amendment without shame, remorse guilt or accountability regarding who are awaiting their criminal trial in Boston; and, it appears Carlson does to not fully grasp the complexity of the case. I sure hope this isn’t a journalist trying to help indicted executives place blame without taking accountability because that’s just as criminal as what FDA tries to pull!