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No doubt there are many Stephen King fans who loved this book, but personally I am not into reading about chopping off a foot, and then blowtorching the wound shut – just a random example. I guess my tolerance for gruesome acts isn’t that great.

I'm going to end this review the same way I ended my review for Gerald's Game, with a quote from made in the Stephen King Fans forum here on Goodreads. I keep coming back to this quote because I think it really captures what is so deeply disturbing and terrifying about both these novels. And what makes them so very hard to put down once begun. Each go:

straight to the oldest, reptilian part of the human brain: fight or flight -- but here, flight's out of the question. This is true horror -- helplessness.


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With summer heating up, sometimes the best way to keep cool is with a strong dose of spine-chilling horror. And nobody does chills and thrills better than Stephen King. The season’s already off to a great start with the release of this month — the finale to the Bill Hodges crime trilogy — and we have plenty of gripping new books for Stephen King fans to follow up with. Featuring King’s characteristic blend of heart-stopping suspense, paranormal setups, and science fiction twists, there’s something on this list for everyone. Publishers’ descriptions included.