• [Sticky Fingaz]
  • [Verse 2: Sticky Fingaz, (X-1) & ]
  • [Verse 3: Sticky Fingaz & (X-1)]
  • [Verse 2: Sticky Fingaz, (X-1) & ]

Black Trash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones

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Sticky Fingaz will now be releasing a new 50 Cent diss record shortly, titled "I'm Sorry Curtis Jackson" this is over the beat of the hit Outkast track "I'm Sorry Ms. Jackson" and is said to be a very hot diss track!

It all started when Onyx thought 50 didn't show them enough love when he got big (as they gave him his first break on a few tracks from there hit albums), since all this Sticky and Fredro have been having problems with 50 for a while now and the last diss record that came from Sticky Fingaz was "Jakin 4 Beatz" and it was fire, 50 Cent didn't reply in a sense but dropped little remarks in tracks.


Sticky Fingaz at the FX Screening of "Over There."

Click here to purchase! Sticky Fingaz’ first feature-length documentary walks you through the ways you can make an independent movie on a limited budget.