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PLAY X STORE Armband for iPhone 6, 6s Plus, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

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Restore From Backup can also be used to restore your iPhone or iPad into the exact same condition that it was in when it was last backed up to iTunes. If it goes well, all of your data at that point will be restored, including images in Camera+, Hipstamatic oggl, and other lightboxes. On the downside, any data added to your iPhone after that backup — photos, contacts, notes, appointments, data in other apps — will be lost if they’re not backed up somewhere in the cloud. Again, if those photos are more important, this is an option, albeit a “nuclear” one.

Both these mobile operators are owned by EE so will both be stocking the iPhone 5, too. However, users won't instantly get 4G connectivity when EE launches its network and tariffs. Instead you must upgrade/switch to EE which it promises will be easy and simple.