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The world's largest coffee-house chain confirmed on Friday that it will stop selling CDs at the end of March in its 21,000 stores worldwide. It has not lost interest in music, according to company officials, but they would not say what future offerings will be, beyond something digital.

The music isn't dying at Starbucks. It's just changing form. The nation's largest coffee house chain -- which has sold CDs for 20 years -- announced on Friday that it will stop selling CDs in its 21,000 stores


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"We will stop selling physical CDs in our stores at the end of March," a rep for the Seattle-based company tells Billboard, adding: "Starbucks continually seeks to redefine the experience in our retail stores to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Music will remain a key component of our coffeehouse and retail experience, however we will continue to evolve the format of our music offerings to ensure we're offering relevant options for our customers. As a leader in music curation, we will continue to strive to select unique and compelling artists from a broad range of genres we think will resonate with our customers."