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The longtime host of ESPN's SportsCenter, Stuart Scott, died today at age 49 after a prolonged battle with cancer, according to the cable network.

It recently came back a third time. To be honest, I'm scared. I've always been afraid of cancer, but this time feels different. My confidence is shaken. I'm a little more vulnerable, a little more aware of my mortality, a little more uncertain about my future. All of which just means I depend on my post-chemo workouts even more. In fact, recent research reveals —working out is just one of them. (Editor's note: Stuart Scott died on Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015. The writer who worked with Scott on this article .)


"As cool as the other side of the pillow" RIP Stuart Scott.

Stu Scott is gone now, too soon and too tragically. But from his unwillingness to bend to critics who didn’t like that he was something different to his refusal to give up even when facing a terrible disease, he left behind a company, a sports media, and a world that is better simply because he was such a major part of it.