Life-Study of the New Testament (57 Volumes Set, Softbound)
  • Life-Study of the New Testament
  • Life-Study of the New Testament, Conclusion Messages--Experiencing, Enjoying, and Expressing Christ, Vol. 2 (Hardbound)
  • Life-Study of the New Testament, Conclusion Messages--The Church, the Kingdom, & New Jerusalem (Hardbound)
  • To help you appreciate the need for academic study of the New Testament ..

New Testament Study Guide: Matthew Through Revelation/Verse by Verse


Although not considered to be inspired by God, these "apocryphal" works may be helpful in the study of the New Testament in that they were produced in the same ancient context and often using the same language as those books that would eventually form the New Testament. Some of these later works are dependent (either directly or indirectly) upon books that would later come to be in the New Testament or upon the ideas expressed in them. There is even an example of a letter composed under the guise of a presumably lost letter of the Apostle Paul, the .

Herbert J. Hunt was one of the four great Bible scholars produced by Unity, according to a well-respected teacher I know. You'll know why when you begin to read A Study of the New Testament, the historical-metaphysical course he developed for Unity's Correspondence School. Even though the course is now over fifty years old, I believe that it remains Unity's best resource for students of metaphysical Bible interpretation, for the following reasons:


1. Introduction: Why Study the New Testament? - YouTube