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The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet: A Revolutionary Plan for Managing IBS and Other Digestive Disorders


Most people today, if they have heard of her, associate Constance Spry with the cookery book bearing her name. But Connie was much, much more than the author of a bestselling cookery book. She was deeply unconventional, extremely charming and very determined; Spry’s life took her from the back streets of Victorian Derby to running a hugely successful business as the florist of choice for the highest of high society, organizing the flowers for royal weddings and indeed for the Queen's coronation. She endured a violent first marriage, had a lesbian affair with a cross-dressing artist and was a pioneer for working women at a time when few women had careers. Sue Shephard tells her extraordinary story with insight, wit and flair.

Tom and Sue Shephard live on Artemis Station in central Cape York Peninsula, a property that has been run by the Shephard family for nearly one hundred years. The management of Artemis Station is looked on as an example by pastoralists across the region as having successfully combined cattle production with conservation of an endangered species. Artemis Station comprises about 1,200 square kilometres of woodland on low hills and sandridges, dissected by several watercourses that flow eastward into Princess Charlotte Bay or westward into the Gulf of Carpentaria. At the headwaters of the watercourses are narrow grassy drainage depressions or flats that provide habitat for the endangered Golden-shouldered Parrot . The parrots nest in antbeds, or termite mounds, that are only found on these grassy flats. Once widespread on Cape York Peninsula, the Golden-shouldered Parrot is threatened by changed land management practices, and its habitat is being invaded by ti-trees. On Artemis Station, work by Tom and Sue Shephard is leading the way in the conservation management of Golden-shouldered Parrot habitat through the use of storm-burning and best practice pastoral management. This has seen the parrot's numbers stabilise, and it is hoped that as similar practices are adopted across the peninsula, Golden-shouldered Parrots will return to their former levels of abundance.


Sue Shephard (Author of Pickled, Potted, and Canned)

Sue Shepherd’s sensational range includes Slow Cooked Vegetable Stock, Red Wine & Italian Herbs Tomato Pasta Sauce, Slow Roasted Vegetables Tomato Pasta Sauce, Roasted Pumpkin + a Hint of Sage Soup, Lamb & Vegetable Soup, Paella Meal Kit and Green Curry Meal Kit. The entire range is gluten free, made without onion or garlic, and has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They taste sensational, as we have come to expect from Sue from her eleven best-selling cookbooks! In fact, the whole family can enjoy the range as no one will notice that they cater for special dietary needs. You can now find the range exclusively in the health food section in Coles.