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Sugar Rehab: Staying Fit and Young by Overcoming Your Secret Addiction to Sugar


You realize that for sugar rehab then all of us pretty much a complete dietary overhaul.
The way our diets are structured and composed today, we need to get backliterally to our roots and start doing more eating of only those things that occur naturally and from the earth.
And that pretty much means starting over and doing an entire overhaul of the way most of us shop, live, eat, prepare our foods and live our lives.
Whoa, that’s a tall order but one that is necessary if we want to continue living lives that are productive.

Sugar rehab here I come! Many of you know I am passionate about sugar addiction and I am excited to tell you I am embarking on a 3 week SUGAR Rehab Program. Last week was the and today is Day 1 of Sugar Rehab where I am learning some new recipes and focusing on REAL FOOD so I can keep the sugar cravings away. Last week was the cleanse and it worked beautifully to remove sugar cravings and put me in a state of craving healthy food. Now it is time to re introduce yummy, healthy, recipes. I will blog each day for the next 2 weeks about some of my new favorite recipes. Thanks to Laura Kalina and Cheryl Christian for their cookbook called and Bob Harper for his book Jumpstart to Skinny.


There's Rehab for Sugar Addiction? | The Fix

Gerald Edelman, M.D., Ph.D. is featured on the radio throughout the United States and is the Author of the new book Sugar Rehab.

Sugar Rehab:

From Dr. Gerald Edelman:

To feel healthy, young, and confident, you want to eat mostly low-sugar foods. If you focus on eating sugar-free foods, that is even better!

I am not here to enforce strict rules. I am not here to tell you that you may never enjoy another dessert in your life. Occasionally, some sweetfoods are acceptable. After all, what's the point in living life if you always refuse yourself things you may want?

The main idea is to be selective about which foods you eat regularly. Then, you just need to be careful about what, when, and how it is okay to indulge. An excellent and healthy dessert might be strawberries and cream. Not only are you getting the dessert you crave, but you are adding vitamins so they aren't a bunch of empty calories.