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  • When 2012 ends you can ring in the new year with this Super Mario Calendar: 2013 and get it off to a great start the Nintendo way.
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  • Application The super soft calendering machine is widely used for processing coated paper and other types of paper.

Supercars 2016: 16-Month Calendar September 2015 through December 2016


The calender section of a consists of a calender and other equipment. The web is run between in order to further smooth it out, which also gives it a more uniform thickness. The pressure applied to the web by the rollers determines the finish of the paper, and there are three types of finish that the paper can have. The first is finish, and can range from a rough antique look to a smooth high quality finish. The second is called a supercalendered finish and is a higher degree for fine-screened printing.

A supercalender is a stack of calenders consisting of alternating and -covered rolls through which is passed to increase its , smoothness and gloss. It is similar to a calender except that alternate chilled cast iron and softer rolls are used. The rolls used to supercalender uncoated paper usually consist of and highly compressed paper, while the rolls used for are usually cast iron and highly compressed cotton. The finish produced varies according to the raw material used to make the paper and the pressure exerted on it, and ranges from the highest English finish to a highly glazed surface. Supercalendered papers are sometimes used for books containing fine line blocks or because they print well from type and halftones, although for the latter they are not as good as coated paper.


Super DC Calendar 1976 – August | Tommy Topps

The paper sheet processed by our super calender acquires more uniform density, better smoothness, and higher gloss. For example, the smoothness of the coated paper calendered by our finishing equipment is 600s to 1000s.