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Supernatural and Philosophy 10 Years, 200 episodes, and Millions of Fans Supernatural and the Social Contract By Jillian L. Canode The 2014 fall television season marked the beginning of the 10th year of Supernatural. Despite the show’s longevity and fans who are über devoted to it, many people still say, “I’ve never heard of…

Can angels be atheists?Can monsters be moral?What's the point of Hell?How is natural different from supernatural?Is Hell a democracy with warm weather?"Supernatural and Philosophy" introduces fans of the show to the big philosophical topics relating to the long-running hit show "Supernatural," covering thorny issues in a fun and accessible way. Contributors, themselves philosophical fans of "Supernatural," tackle issues ranging from the biological classifications of monsters, to the epistemological problems of ghost hunting, as well as the ultimate questions of life, love, and the moral issues involved in the killing of blood-sucking monsters. Like the great Bobby Singer himself, fans can pore over this tomb, containing essays pertaining to the archaic and monstrous themes of character formation, ethics, and why shows like "Supernatural" would ever entertain a rational, scientific mind. Even those unfamiliar with the show will find fascinating insights into Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons, God, Lucifer, and Good and Evil. This unique collection of diverse philosophical essays is written for those who love the self-effacing style of the show's humor, wit, and self-reflection.


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