• By Jim Supica and Richard Nahas
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Standard catalog of Smith & Wesson [electronic resource] / Jim Supica and Richard Nahas

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  • The authors, Jim Supica and Richard Nahas are recognized as long standing experts in Smith and Wesson firearms, in both model identification and value.
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Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson by Jim Supica (1996-03-02)

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This is a 1957 era .32 Regulation Police Target 'I' frame with small trigger guard and leaf mainspring (pre Improved 'I' frame and pre model 31), #657XXX (stamped on front grip strap above the strain screw a+nd matching all other #'d parts inc. grips), 4", pre war/early postwar rebated rear grip strap with post war type checkering border on round top stocks with curved medallions. One of 196 made on left over pre war 'I' frames. You'll notice pre war sights w/Pre War steel/nickel plated sight adjusting tool to fit sight screws, pre war/early post war hammer, post war grooved trigger, and 3rd type post war (post 1966 for J frames) non-sculpted thumbpiece! Pictured w/1920, 2 screw target stocks w/gold medallions. A very convoluted transition model for sure. Brief details of these 196 guns are on page 128, 3rd edition, Standard Catalog of S&W, Supica and Nahas.

Our Assessment: This is a very special gun. This gun is one of of a limited production run; product code 101224, 3" Round Butt made for Lew Horton in 1985 (See pages 201-203 of the "standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson" by Supica and Nahas), The box matches every detail of the gun including model, serial number, product code, and special order number. This gun shows very little use and is in nice condition.


Standard Catalog of® Smith & Wesson - GunDigestStore

Authors Jim Supica and Richard Nahas have gathered and collated a mountain of data and list all known models and variations of S&W guns, listed according to model and year of manufacture. There are current prices for each in six grades of condition. A range of serial numbers is also included to zero in on the exact year of manufacture, since many models were produced for decades. Historical notes and records of production are also included. Many models are also represented in hundreds of excellent color photographs that aids greatly in identification and verification of authenticity. There is also a full color section of some highly collectible deluxe examples guaranteed to make a firearms aficionado swoon with envy.