Sweet and Vicious, By David Schickler, Dial, 256 pp., $23
  • Sweet and Vicious, SoHo, New York
  • Sweet and vicious, leather corset.
  • Sweet and Vicious has been a staple of the New York scene for a decade and still brings in a cool crowd with a great vibe and wild atmosphere.
  • This recipe was reprinted from Sweet and Vicious: Baking with Attitude with permission from Rizzoli USA. Photography by Chia Chong.

Sweet and Vicious: Baking with Attitude


18. What is the nature of nature itself in Sweet and Vicious? What worldly wisdom can Grace share with the high school seniors she encounters at the end of the book?

17. Do the lovers in this novel mirror any of the characters in Kissing in Manhattan? Are there any parallels to be made between the geography of Sweet and Vicious and the mythic New York apartment building featured in the author's short-story collection?


Sweet and Vicious Product Description

The sparse black exterior of Nolita’s Sweet and Vicious may seem unwelcoming at first, but once patrons walk through the double wood doors, they find themselves in a hip yet unpretentious bar where schmoozing with the regulars is the order of the day.