• What is tantric sexuality?
  • Tantra integrates sexuality with the whole persona.
  • Sexual empowerment, tantric sexuality
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The Heart of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfillment


Couples need not adopt the Tantric pantheon in order to benefit from the sexual wisdom of this ancient art. Tantric sexual practices teach us to prolong the act of making love and to utilize potent orgasmic energies more effectively.

Tantra treats sexual energy as an ally, rather than something to be suppressed or discussed behind closed doors. It does not deny sex, in fact Tantra does the opposite by embracing sex. Tantra is the only spiritual practice that states that sex is sacred and not a sin — even outside of marriage.


Tantric sex is easier than you think

Used condoms, soiled sheets, women's underwear, cash, ointments, hair products, wax, a CD titled "Tantric Sexuality" and other items were found as evidence inside the business.