• to linger, tarry
  • He avoids the populous cities, and tarries not in the smiling villages.
  • “He tarries long,” she said throwing a mass of auburn curls from a broad, low brow.
  • She waits for Doon, her friend, but he tarries long and does not come.

Why Revival Tarries


Like sports, political seasons would not cease if Christ tarries to come for the second time. If one fails to win today, the forthcoming political dispensation provides a window for him to win tomorrow. Globally, a particular political office can only be occupied by one leader at a time and not more than one.

From this primally resonant opening, launches into the foreshadowed adventure. When the boy tarries too late outside, he's attacked by his mother's two evil sisters (Rooney Mara), witchlike figures with expressionless masks. Kubo escapes into the wastes and embarks on a quest to reclaim his father's legacy, guided by a fiercely protective monkey (Charlize Theron) and aided by a bumbling samurai who's been transformed into a giant beetle (Matthew McConaughey).


Tarries - definition of tarries by The Free Dictionary

For the last fifty years I have watched Great Britain decay during her lingering agony of alternating fits of sanity and of stupefaction. Today England is no longer considered a world power. Most say that she is both morally and spiritually decadent. Must the United States follow her? I pray not. We are considered by most folk to be on the skids. Our dollar is sick. Our morality is sick. At two o’clock one morning a man called me and tearfully sobbed, “Ravenhill, I am just reading Why Revival Tarries, and I found out three things: my Nation is sick, my church is sick, and I am sick.”