• Name: Tedd Cookerly
  • Tedd Cookerly was a guest artist on the sleeper album Misguided by argyle park.
  • Name: Tedd Cookerly
  • Name: Tedd Cookerly

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With enough explosive power to fuel a third world war. Every Day Life return with their second album. Unleashing their brand of rapcore. a fierce genre of hardcore power mixed with rap stylings. Every Day Life bring a relevant and challenging message. A message of accountability that will prod and push listeners to think and take action. Tedd Cookerly reaches an extreme intensity that puts him in league with such severe vocalists as Henry Rollins. "American Standard' is not only full force slam romps. "Birthright (LBC)" features a scratch machine and an almost pop feel. "Residence" brings a laid back. R&B feeling. Three is also a bizarre song paying homage to monster truck rallies hidden between tracks live and six. Many of the songs on "American Standard" tend to mesh into one another, creating the "one long song" effect. As the album progresses, the best way to tell each separate track apart is the tempo and length of screams. The lyrics fit together well with the in-your-face musical eruption. Except for the monster truck rally song, there is nothing superficial or simple on this album. On the contrary, every song is charged with fury at the wrongs of the world. Cookerly vents his frustrations, while bringing to light the hard realities of the world around us. He also does his best to give listeners a good kick in the tail, urging them to action. Many of the songs deal with current hot topics. The song "Ten Little Indians" deals with the treatment of native Americans, while others touch on date rape, the music industry and many other points of frustration and anger. It is an extreme, severe battering ram of an album, but mostly it is relevant, musically and lyrically.

Corporate employee by day and kid at heart, Tedd Cookerly co-founded Resident Skateboards togive local riders their own point of pride. The Westerville operation has since branched fromboards into clothing and hardware - and expects to be in 20 shops within the next year. Midwaythrough ripping Skate Naked skatepark in Grandview, Cookerly shared more about his lifelongpassion.


Tedd Cookerly of Resident Skateboards | Columbus Alive

Marty Murawski seems to be described in the same way by everyone who has ever met him: laidback and funny. I got to meet Marty during the weekend of the Cowtown Showdown and (thanks to Tedd Cookerly) I got the chance interview him. After doing so, I can agree with the aforementioned description. The whole weekend Marty had a smile on his face and could be found making jokes and skating around with the kids. I can’t forget to mention that his laidback style melts over into his skating, which makes for some pretty fluid manual tricks. Now, I’ll spare you the ongoing description and let Marty do the talking for himself…