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Teenblog zeigt perverse Teen Sex Spiele

Too low to display

Editor... when apologising for something, it is generally considered poor form to spew out excuses left, right, and centre. You could just have said "sorry, angry flaming guys, we c*cked up. Won't happen again." Instead you give us a list of Max's merits and tell us that, despite the lazy, write-by-numbers teenblog he inflicted on us yesterday, he still has a 'pretty impressive' track record.

1) Gamester, 2) Bootycalls, 3) Celebpix, 4) MP4s, 5) TeenBlog,6) TeenForum, 7) Indietunes, 8) Groupies, 9) Deviants, 10) MySecrets, 11) Datelink, 12) LatinSingles, 13) AsianSingles, 14) GreenTrip, 15) Honeymooners, 16) VelvetRope, 17) HealthBoards, 18) CasinoJackpot, 19) CitizenReporter, 20) HybridForum


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