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Tegami Bachi, Vol. 19


This time we would like to introduce “Tegami Bachi” (literally Letter Bee), a manga that features such mailmen who deliver mails in a little unusual world.

In the June 2009 issue of the Jump SQ magazine, it was announced that will get an anime series in the fall of 2009. This anime series is directed by , and it features the same voice cast which had voiced characters in the previous 2008 special anime. This anime started airing in Japan on the , , and other affiliated television networks around Japan on October 3, 2009, and it ended on March 27, 2010. The first opening theme song for this anime was revealed to be the song , which is sung by and features Mummy-D, on September 7, 2009. This theme song was replaced by the song , which is sung by singer Seira, in episode 14 of the anime onwards. In 2013, re-aired Tegami Bachi in English, under the title .


Аниме: Tegami Bachi / Letter Bee

A series of three-minute original anime shorts will be included in each Japanese Region 2 DVD of Tegami Bachi. Titled , the omake series focuses on the background settings of the world of Amberground not touched upon or elaborated much in the anime, and provides a hilarious class setting with versions of the characters.