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watching teh sea Mouse Pad, Mousepad (10.2 x 8.3 x 0.12 inches)

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- Bell Tower 1 w/ AK47 (Near Prabhakar's Farm, Old Isha's House, and Kyra's Refuge)
- Bell Tower 2 w/ M133 (Near The Partisans' Clinic, Great Drought Chorten, and Banashur's Pyres)
- Bell Tower 3 w/ Bow (Near Prabin's House, Satish's Sad Room, and Tiger Den)
- Bell Tower 4 w/ A2000 (Near Vibhat's Auto Repair, Abandoned Jheel, and Rai Family House)
- Bell Tower 5 w/ C4 (Near Deepak's Millet Farm, Banashur's Song, and Kyra's Shade)
- Bell Tower 6 w/ 87 (Near Kyra's Pilgrimage, Banashur's Tree of Life, and Yalung's Mind)
- Bell Tower 7 w/ Cannon (Near Jhankri Ashram, Danger Dashed, and Kalinag the Seeker)
- Bell Tower 8 w/ Warrior (Near Aghori Ashram, Avinash Primary School, and Raksi Still)
- Bell Tower 9 w/ Rebel (Near Bhutan Ghat, Sunny and Prem's Storage, and Dzu-Teh Ruins)
- Bell Tower 10 w/ .700 Nitro (Near Royal Munitions Depot, Dead End, and Yakshini's Bondage)
- Bell Tower 11 w/ Recurve Bow (Near South Jalendu Checkpoint, Krolinga Sahida Shrine, and Mansa Market)
- Bell Tower 12 w/ Auto-Cross (Near Anjali's Bakery, Kyra's Shrine, and Thindara Mine)
- Bell Tower 13 w/ MP5 (Near Gornak's Pass, Devi Temple Ruins, and Ghumantu Sherpa Camp)
- Bell Tower 14 w/ STG-90 (Near Shining Minds Reformatory, Keo Scrap Yard, and Royal Vault 1X)
- Bell Tower 15 w/ Shredder (Near Dhumrapana Shrine, Dead Man's Triangle, and R.A. Confiscation Vault)
- Bell Tower 16 w/ LK-1018 (Near Medicinal Poacher, Hima Khoka Cave, and The Powder Keg Distillery)
- Bell Tower 17 w/ GL-A87 (Near Ska'l Cave, Machali Village, and Garma Springs)

Dzu-Teh Ruins is a location within in . It is the location of one of , one of the rare animal skins from Kyrat Fashion Week. Up the stairs there is a few chests that the player can loot. However, the player have to be careful because there is a lot of in both rooms. It is recommended to take them out before approaching the chests, especially in the room to the right where there are around 10-15 . The weapon used against is an , which might seem useful, but because the are one of the smallest animals in the game and quickly move away as soon as they are attacked, the is not going to be very accurate. To easily take them out one should use a flammable weapon ( or ) and wait around 10-20 seconds and then head for the chests.


Aztec Ruins National Monument (U.S. National Park Service)