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Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born


Everything about this book sounds awesome and I want it to be known that I did not read further than the second chapter - hence the lack of rating and proper review. But... you know when you start to read a book and everything just feels a bit off? Nothing major, but small things that make you raise an eyebrow or pull up Google to check up on info you're already pretty sure you know. That's what happened in the first 23 pages of Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel.

Overall, Tell Me Again How A Crush Should Feel isn't about crushes at all (disappointing) But it's about growing up, learning what you want and finally having the guts to get it. Leila may not be a protagonist for everybody but she have a trait that I believe we can all relate to..


Just tell me again that you love me

Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell come together once again to create a unique celebration of the love and joy a baby brings into the world. Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born is a heartwarming story, not only of how one child is born but of how a family is born.