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Temple Grandin


This is mostly Danes' film, but the whole cast of Temple Grandin on DVD is top-notch, especially Ormond, Catherine O'Hara as Temple's aunt, and David Strathairn as one of the few teachers who saw Grandin's potential. Captivating, compelling, and thoroughly entertaining, Temple Grandin on DVD is highly recommended. In Stock Ready to ship in 2 - 3 Business Days

Danes, who is in nearly every scene of director Mick Jackson's DVD, is remarkable, embodying Grandin's various idiosyncrasies—such as talking too loud, too fast, and too much—on this DVD, without resorting to caricature. Jackson does a marvelous job of depicting Temple Grandin’s accomplishments like discovering that the "squeeze machine" created to calm upset cattle worked on herself as a replacement for the affection she failed to receive as a child. Futher on this Temple Grandin DVD, we see how Grandin revolutionized the systems used to prepare cows for slaughter, as well as the design of the slaughterhouses themselves. Temple Grandin has abstract talents, especially obvious by the extraordinary visual acuity she possesses that enables her to remember virtually everything she's ever seen, on Temple Grandin DVD.


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