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Master the LSAT Includes 2 Official LSATs!


TestMasters Online LSAT Course
Price: $950
Includes: 15 lessons in 100+ hours of high-definition videos taught by course author Robin Singh, coursebook with all released (7500+) LSAT questions arranged by type, diagnostic and practice exams, Online Resource Center, thousands of written explanations for each section, detailed test diagnostics, database of flawed reasoning, LSAT question search engine, vocabulary-building quiz.

After graduating from Duke in 1989 with degrees in History and Latin, Robin moved to Los Angeles, where he founded TestMasters in 1991. The test-taking methods he had developed in college formed the basis of the TestMasters LSAT course. The course included unique diagramming techniques that enabled students to solve questions visually, as well as a comprehensive classification system for logical reasoning questions. The TestMasters curriculum differed radically from everything else on the market.


Master the LSAT Includes 2 Official LSATs