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That Is Not a Good Idea!


Mo Willems humor never ceases to delight both young and old. In this newest addition to his rather vast collection of picture books Willems tackles a slightly darker style of storytelling, but adds his characteristic silliness. Within the pages of That Is Not a Good Idea! are full spreads in the style of old silent movies that exclaim things like,

One aspect of the book that will certainly ruin the ending if I share specifics on it may also cause concern for the more protective parent. For one reason or another our home leans toward enjoying the darker humor found in books like Jon Klassen’s I Want My Hat Back and if yours does as well then you won’t be disappointed at all with the ending of That Is Not a Good Idea!. It’s a little gruesome, but then again so were the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales. That said, the ending is quite hilarious in it’s own right and I have no doubt that readers will get a kick out of how the tables are turned at just the right moment.


rubber boots and elf shoes: Mo brilliance: That is Not a Good Idea

The baby geese are wisely cautious as well as kind and caring to warn, "That is NOT a good idea!" The goose turns out to be quite resourceful, brave, smart, and able to take care of herself and have the last laugh.