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  • The astronauts of Apollo 11: Intrepid explorers. Inspirational heroes. Government employees.
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  • Why do the astronauts on the space shuttle sleep in those cabinets? Why don't they sleep in the seats that they take off in?

The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story


An all-day line-up of indie, rock, acoustic, electronica and more all gathered under one roof for a good cause (Sick Kids Friends Foundation) featuring the likes of Withered Hand, Found, Come on Gang, Chutes, We See Lights, Kid Canaveral, Broken Records, Le Reno Amps, The Stormy Seas, Cancel the Astronauts, Jesus H Foxx…

Cancel the Astronauts play with Come on Gang!, Kid Canaveral and Jesus H Foxx in Edinburgh at GRV on May 10; and with The Gentle Invasion with Moustache of Insanity and Conquering Animal Sound in Edinburgh at Henry's Cellar Bar on May 30.


The Astronauts – nowe studio Adriana Chmielarza - ilustracja #1

All of these simulations are intended to give researchers an idea of what humans might need on a real-life Mars mission. By most estimates, those trips would last two years, depending on how long the astronauts stay on the Martian surface. Before a trip like this can become a reality, scientists have to answer a lot of logistical questions, like how the astronauts will have enough food, water, air, and energy to survive for so long. How will they fix electronics that break? How can they keep their bodies healthy when muscles tend to atrophy in space? And, perhaps on a more fundamental level, how can you keep a crew from killing each other in such a confined space for so long?