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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (Dover Thrift Editions)


Watch this video about President Barack Obama providing interesting, fun facts and info about the life biography of Barack Obama, President of the United States of America. Gain a fast overview of his life! Short biography with key dates containing his bio, information & trivia about his career, family, illnesses, major achievements and accomplishments. Perfect study guide for students, children and kids who want to learn about this famous American President. When was he born? What was his background? Who did he marry? How many children did he have? What did he look like - his physical description? When was Barack Obama inaugurated as President? What were the major events, achievements and accomplishments of the Barack Obama presidency? When did he die and what was the cause of his death? Our biography and video on Barack Obama answer the initial question - Who is Barack Obama, or who was Barack Obama?

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At one point, the show aired up to six times weekly in prime time, but cut back to only once a week, usually on Friday nights. A&E canceled after August 2006, making new episodes of the show exclusively available on The Biography Channel. A&E continued airing the series Saturday and Sunday mornings for a while after the cancellation, but later dropped the series entirely. Following s rebrand as , continued to air in the morning hours as it did on Biography in its final years.


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The biography doesn’t want you to read is back in print. After false starts by two publishers, reissued versions of “Lost Tycoon” by Harry Hurt III are now available in hardcover and paperback.