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  • Veritas from the Boondock Saints, which implies the strength of truth.
  • Virgin Mary silhouette inspired from the Boondock Saints, inked on neck.
  • Another charming font style to tattoo the popular Boondock Saints prayer on the ribs.

The Boondock Saints

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It’s been a little over a year since writer and director Troy Duffy said that The Boondock Saints 3 was still happening. Not much has transpired since then, but Duffy offered some new info [...]

An extremely short trailer was reportedly shown moving through the alley of McGinty’s Pub to reveal two character models of the MacManus twins. The time frame appears to follow after one of the film’s most iconic scenes – the bar brawl with the three Russian mobsters, as two hefty men can be seen lying bloody and unconscious on the alleyway pavement. Lessons to be learned from The Boondock Saints: never enter an Irish pub on St. Patty’s Day and try to interrupt the drinking process.


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Neither a estimated release date or a goal for starting filming were revealed by Duffy, but be sure to check back in with us, as we’ll bring you any and all news on The Boondock Saints 3: Legion as it arises.