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The Brick Bible: The Complete Set


Today I thought I introduce you to an interesting and controversial LEGO book called The LEGO Brick Bible, also called The LEGO Brick Testament, LEGO Testament or LEGO Bible, also known as “The world’s largest, most comprehensive illustrated Bible”. Yeah, LEGO is not just for childish creations, but can handle the whole Big Creation as well! 😉

The Brick Bible is the new book from Brendan Powell Smith and Skyhorse Publishing, illustrating more than a hundred stories from the Old Testament as you've never seen before.

"What Brendan Powell Smith has done with LEGOs goes beyond remarkable; it borders on genius."

-The Chicago Tribune (This book is not sponsored, authorized, or endorsed by the LEGO company.


Catholics Read The Brick Bible - YouTube

I went looking for the Brick Bible at my library. Sure the database listed it and showed a picture, but none of the Sno-Isle libraries carried a copy that could be requested.