• The Bubble Gum Kid
  • BONANZA, THE BUBBLE GUM KID LOWERY’S Collector’s Number: MW8 at least three printings Big Little Book 2000 Series® published in 1968
  • The Bubble Gum Kid - Stu Smith

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THE BUBBLEGUM KID: Elmer our perpetual-motion English setter is at it again. He was chawing away on something and a close inspection showed someone had slipped him a piece of bubblegum. Sticky stuff.

Read the following picture books -
The Bubble Gum Kid
by Stu Smith.
Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum by Lisa Wheeler. for link to Amazon to learn more about the book.
Follow up activities could include writing letters to the author(s), drawing a picture of their favorite part of he story, writing a different ending, or creating their own bubble gum poetry.
Learning about Nouns Writing Activity - After a quick lesson on nouns the teacher will distribute two sets of cards (which the teacher creates ahead of time);
1) 25 "place" cards (one for each student) - The places could include - in a bathtub, on top of the Empire State Building, in the jungle, in a helicopter...
2) 25 "person" cards - For example famous people, actors, actresses, musicians, athletes, kids in the class.
3) For "thing" everyone must use, “bubble gum”.
Give each student a place card, a person card and a bubblegum card. Have them write a story using all three cards. This is a great way to get students writing (and to use their creativity.) For eample, they may have to write a story about Abraham Lincoln, in a bathtub, with bubble gum.


BUBBLEGUM INK, Award Winning Tattooist Congleton