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Horse Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas, 2nd Edition


In this opening article of our 12-part series on equine anatomy and physiology, we will attempt to paint a picture of how today's horse is constructed and what this means in the realm of form to function. We will not be quoting a lot of sources, for the most part, because the information to be presented is an amalgamation of what has been recorded in thousands of scientific papers, textbooks, and manuals as knowledge has been gained and disseminated through the years. However, we would be remiss in not calling attention to two valuable sources upon which we shall draw heavily. Both are written at the layman level. They are Horses and Horsemanship by the late M.E. Ensminger, BS, MA, PhD, and The Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy by Robert A. Kainer, DVM, MS, and Thomas O. McCracken, MS, both of whom were at Colorado State University.

The coloring atlas of horse anatomy is a wonderful tool for the study and understanding of the horse anatomy. It is presented to the viewer in a form of simplicity but at the same time with unmatchable professionalism and details, evidently the author has a great respect, knowledge and understanding of the noble animal and the viewer as well. The atlas is easily approachable by the first time student for its easy and clear graphical and illustrative format. The idea of "do it yourself" it's great. Coloring the components of the horse anatomy while studying it helps the anatomist to impress the subject in his/her mind with remarkable and undeleting results. One of his kind. Without any doubt necessary for a serious study of the horse anatomy.


Horse Anatomy : A Coloring Atlas by Thomas O ..